African Update

So people make fun of Texas for freaking out when we get snow; however the entire city of Cape Town decided yesterday that it was going to shut down for a rain storm…we have been in a drought and I think people forgot what rain was lol.

But actually, the wind has been insane (predicted to get up to 100km/hour) and we have gotten lots of much needed rain. And I can’t say how nice it is to have a day off school (especially since I had a test today lol.) I can finally get caught up on a few things that I have been needing to do but have just been busy with school and everything else I have been involved with that I haven’t had the chance to. Praise Jesus.

So I thought I would take this as a time to post an update since I have been awful at keep up with this blog.

I celebrated 21 a few weeks ago (TURN UP LOL even though no one cares because 18 is legal everywhere except the USA). The weather has been wonderful even though it “winter” here in Africa. I have been able to go to the beach a bunch and have gone surfing one or two times more. (Maybe I’ll come back a pro lol jk.)

I realized that I had been here 3 months and really had not gone to a museum in Cape Town. So two of the girls I live with and I went to the South African Museum and Planetarium. It was a really fun and good day. We ended up walking all the way through downtown to the Waterfront and treating ourselves to a nicer dinner on the Waterfront.

I have been able to continue volunteering with SHAWCO Health and their clinics in the townships. I have really enjoyed the experiences I have had there observing the medical students go through the learning process of diagnosing patients and talking to them about what Medical School is like in South Africa.

I have also been going to UCT’s club gymnastics practices weekly. It has definitely been the highlights of my weeks so I was really sad that it was cancelled yesterday because of the rain and wind coming. I have been able to get quite a few skills back. I also forgot how much I love gymnastics and how much I love doing basic skills and just being able to flip around and stuff. I really want to make it a priority to try to make it to TCU’s gymnastics practices more when I get back next semester.

I also had the opportunity to stay in Gugulethu with a host family for the weekend. Mama Noks hosted me and my friend Shannon. She welcomed us into her house and we got to play with her grandchild (omg kids have so much energy). We helped her prepare a meal and we had to eat the “African way” – NO SILVERWARE. Try eating pop, spinach and onion, and meat without any silverware. Oh and it has sauce. It was so awkward for me because I am already a person that likes to be clean and hates if anything is on my hands. But I tried to embrace it. We went to church with the rest of the IES students doing the homestays in the township at a local church.

It was interesting and wasn’t the stereotypical “black church” that I thought it would be. The demographics were also interesting. (Africa has made me become so aware of the demographics wherever I go.) There were so many women and not many men. That was something that drew my attention but did not get a chance to ask about.

We went to the famous Mizoli’s afterwards. OMG the meat was so good and it was so much fun. They had a DJ and the atmosphere was just really fun. Though it was interesting because it is probably one of the only places where you will find a pretty mix of black and white people – tourists and locals.

But that pretty much sums up life lately. 2.5 weeks of school left. 3 weeks of finals…then home…it is coming way to fast if you ask me. A month ago it felt like it was never going to end. Now I feel like I am going home tomorrow. So bitter sweet.
BUT THE PARENTALS LEAVE FOR CAPE TOWN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (Don’t think I could express how excited I am 🙂 )




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