The Bucket List that Never Ends

One of the first things I heard when I arrived in Cape Town is that while we are here we will continue to check things off on our bucket lists, but South Africa will keep adding to our bucket lists things we never thought of before.

I can’t even tell you how true that statement is. I have been checking things off right and left and I keep finding more to add to it.

I have had the opportunity to do some many incredible things these past three weeks and make so many incredible memories. (Don’t worry mom and dad, I haven’t skipped a class yet.) It has been truly amazing and I’m loving every minute of being here. And time is flying by so fast!!! It scares me how soon July will be here!!! I have so many things to still check off my bucket list before I leave!!!


So I thought I’d just give a quick update of some of the highlights from the past three weeks and many bucket list checks-

March 25th

We went to Cape of Good Hope and it was so beautiful. We got to hike around the point and the old lighthouse. I just can’t get enough of the beautiful South African landscape and the views of the ocean. Fort Worth could really use some mountains and oceans. We had some close encounters with some baboons but TIA… (This is Africa).  But the Cape of Good Hope was on my bucket list so there’s another check!


March 26th

We went shark cage diving – AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE! THOSE GREAT WHITES ARE GINORMOUS!!! What a beast of an animal! Another check!


April 1st

Two of my housemates and I took on the huge task of completing the Three Peak Challenge – climbing the three most popular peaks in Cape Town in one day. We started at 4am and finished the last one at 4pm. 12 HOURS OF HIKING. But man were the views incredible, and it was such a rewarding experience to know that you hiked 22 miles, 50,000 steps in 12 hours. And I even have a battle scar to show from it haha. This was probably the biggest bucket list check because I really didn’t know if I was in shape to really do this, but here I am 🙂


April 8th

I got the chance to go to my first Rugby game! Stormers (Cape Town’s team) vs the Chiefs! Within the first minute of the game there was a fight right in front of us – how lucky can we get haha. But it was so much fun to experience Rugby – it really gives football a run for its money. If it was more popular in the state, I might become more of a rugby fan than football fan… another check!


April 10th

I had the opportunity to start volunteering with SHAWCO Health. A campus organization (mainly run by the med school campus) that sets up volunteer clinics in townships around Cape Town. This was one of the coolest experiences I have had thus far. I sat and talked with one of the patients for like half an hour while we were packing up the clinic and it was just so incredible to hear her story and about her life and her faithfulness to the Lord. Definitely a highlight of my week.


April 14th

Kloofing and repelling! Kloofing? what is that you might ask – well it is just the South African term for cliff jumping. A small group of us went hiking, repelling, and kloofing in Kamikaze Kanyon. Once again, I am just going to brag on how beautiful South Africa is. I can’t get enough. But another check on the bucket list!


April 16th

Sunset picnic on Signal Hill. This was definitely one of my favorite nights here in Cape Town. We sat on the hill and watched one of the most gorgeous sunsets on Easter and ate a picnic together. We laughed, told stories, and enjoyed each others company for hours under the stars. Just looking up in amazement of how amazingly beautiful all of creation is. One of the best nights.


April 17th

SAND BOARDING!!! I have never had more sand in so many places! But OMG it was so much fun! I am not anything spectacular at sand boarding but I survived and even went down the largest sand dune they have! (Might or might not have been very graceful and had a fall or two…..) But another check!!



The amount of checks on my bucket list is incredible – go to South Africa, ride an elephant, ride an ostrich, climb Table Mountain (one of the natural wonders of the world), go shark cage diving, go to Cape Point, see the penguins, complete the Three Peak Challenge, go surfing, kloof, go to a rugby game, and go sand boarding. I have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument also – so I’m in African instruments learning to play three different instruments this semester. The checks keep coming and we still have 3 months until we leave.

(I’ll try to upload some pictures with the next post – African wifi is just very unpredictable.)


I’ll try to not have too much fun 🙂